The kitchen is a sanctuary in the home and should be treated sacred. My personal kitchen gadgets are all very close to my heart and these are a few of my personal favorite.


I make cutting a necessity for every dish I make. This has helped make the cutting board an essential kitchen gadget for me. My board is the wooden type and has been marked a million times but this is what makes it even more special to me.


My cutting board will be ineffective without a very good knife to commensurate my effort on the cutting board. I only get to enjoy my cutting board because of my well-sharpened knife. Having a knife sharpener makes cutting effortless. A good knife sharpener is a life support machine for your kitchen at all times.


I find the electric kettle to be very handy for me. I practically use it for virtually everything. Even before I cook, I always boil water first. I find the electric kettle to be a prerequisite to cooking. It is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. Make it yours as well.


I am certain one of the reasons my husband married me was because of cake and I have never disappointed him for a day. He is a cake addict and the portable hand mixer is my go-to whenever I need to mix my batter. I find it very hand and it motivates me to bake at all times. I don’t joke with this particular portable hand mixer, even though I sometimes forget I have a big mixer. I just can’t survive without it.


A kitchen without a blender is like a train without its wheels. I do a lot of blending which means it has to top the list for me. I use a ninja blender and I am proud to say I have never regretted it for once. It has been a great experience for me. It is a huge help with crushing nuts without stress.


Since I introduced my family to the keto diet, I have been pretty attached to my smoothie maker. I enjoy using it specifically for drinks in order not to add unnecessary flavors to my drink and above all, it has a dispensing tap which makes it easier to access from the jar.


I don’t know what my culinary skills would have looked like without the help of a kitchen scale. I find this very useful and I keep close in the kitchen. The advantages are far numerous, one of which is the fact that it saves time from having to measure ingredients in bits. I pour everything in at once, then weight. It saves time and energy.

These are my seven personal best. You need to make them yours as well.